7 Ways to Wear Bralette Tops In a Cool Look

7 Ways to Wear Bralette Tops In a Cool Look

Go for a nice and sexy bralette this year. Sure that everyone is familiar with a crop top, right? It was too popular among girls. So, how about bralette tops?

If you are a sexy and bold girl, bralette tops will be the outfit for you. We can wear them with anything, starting from shorts, denim, chinos, suede, cotton, etc.

Wear bralette tops under a blazer

Show off a cute floral bralette (or any other print) with an oversize blazer and paper-bag-waist pants.

Choose sunny hues and lightweight fabrics, like linen, for the ultimate summertime look.

ralette tops under a blazer


Bralette over a T-shirt

You can wear a bralette over a t-shirt for a fun twist on this trend. Ladies will want to try a simple and chic black bralette over a colored t-shirt or crop top with a pair of high-waisted pants. 

You can also choose a sheen bralette over a plain white tee complemented by black skinny jeans or a skirt.

Bralette over a T-shirt


Bralette under a tank top

Wearing a bralette under a tank top or camisole is a great way to take a casual outfit up a notch. 

To nail the look, all you need to do is ensure your bralette adds a flash of fashion in a chic and simple way. 

Bralette under a tank top


Wear with a sheer top

Keep it sexy yet subtle by styling your bralette under a sheer top.

It’s the perfect way to show off a bralette without being too revealing. You can dress it up with trousers or jeans and sneakers.

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Bralette over a shirt

If you’re after a look that’s similar but a little more sophisticated than a bralette and T-shirt, why not try a bralette with a shirt? 

Wearing a bralette over a button-up shirt can create a sharp and contemporary appearance that’s perfect for stylish ladies. 


Jewelry to wear with a bralette

How you choose to style your bralette outfit will determine the types of jewelry to wear and how you should accessorize the look.

Simple jewelry pieces always work well with bralettes because the accessories won’t clash or detract from the aesthetic.

Jewelry to wear with a bralette


Bralette as a crop top

If you like the ‘90s inspired outfits, try wearing a bralette as a crop top paired with low-rise pants for a cool look. 

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Bralette as a crop top

For a little more coverage, go with a bandage, sports, or longline bralette paired with high-waisted pants or shorts to counteract the higher hemline of the bralette.

Add flair to the aesthetic with a solid-colored bralette, a patterned maxi skirt, and sandals. 



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