80s makeup looks

80s Makeup Looks: Try Iconic Beauty Makeup Trend

Makeup, a factor that contributes to the beauty of each girl. In each era, the world has witnessed a transformation with a series of impressive styles born. Remember the 80s makeup looks trend, the time flow returns to the personality and rebellious makeup styles.

During this period, people were bored with the monotonous things in life. When night falls, women confidently wear fashionable outfits combined with bright and radiant makeup styles.

The dance floors are always full of people, dancing to the vibrant music. Since then, the color of makeup has also become extravagant, exaggerated, and different.

80s makeup looks


Blue, pink, and purple eyeshadow

Talk about colorful makeup. Being a cool girl in the 80s meant having a colorful eyeshadow. And your normal colors didn’t do the trick.

Back in the 80s, if you wanted to be cool, you had to have some unusual color for your eyeshadow.

Think of blue, pink, and purple. And some girls even combined all of these colors at once. 

80s eye makeup


Draped blush

For the girls of the 21st century, complete makeup does not need blush. But in the 80s of the last century, it would be a big problem if you go out on the street without a bright pink blush.

The makeup trends of the 1980s always featured cheekbones, often bright pink or even deep plum.

No matter your skin tone, the cheeks would be the focal point of your color, with a bright streak of blush.

makeup 1980s


Natural eyebrows

The actress’s natural, thick, and somewhat cluttered eyebrow trend, model Brooke Shields inspired women at the time to give up tweezers or service of eyebrow plucking.

To this day, natural eyebrows are still loved by young stars.

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makeup 80s looks


Pink lips

An unspoken convention of modern girls: if the eyes are dark, the lips are pale and if the eyes are pale, the lips are dark. Because such makeup will create a balance and harmony for the face.

But in the 80s, girls could let them all shine at the same time. The bright color of lipstick became very popular. Glossy pink, red, and orange are the preferred colors.

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80s makeup looks trend



Makeup, like fashion, has a pattern of repetition. Many of the 80s makeup looks you think are out of date will turn into trends in the future.

There are also trends you might think are popular for the first time, but have actually been in use for a few decades. The flow of time has made the makeup trend change in phases.

If you are a girl who loves makeup, the perfect combination of past and modern elements will definitely make you stand out and different.

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