Benefits of Vitamin E for Hair and How to Use It

Benefits of Vitamin E for Hair and How to Use It

Benefits of Vitamin E for Hair and How to Use It


In this article, YuFace will examine some of the apparent benefits of Vitamin E for hair.

If you carefully read the fine print on any skin and hair care product packaging, you will find most of them list Vitamin E as a major component.

We also explain how people can increase their intake of Vitamin E and consider whether or not there are any risks or side effects.


What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble nutrient that is available from several food sources as well as in supplement form. 

It is best known for its antioxidant properties that help reduce free radical damage and protect the body’s cells.

Although you can find it in the supplement aisle, many companies add Vitamin E to their beauty products. 

Recently, Vitamin E has been hailed as a cure-all to turn frizzy, damaged, unmanageable hair into shiny and luscious.

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Benefits of Vitamin E for hair

Prevent hair loss

A small trial from 2010 found that Vitamin E supplements improved hair growth in people with hair loss. 

It’s thought that the vitamin’s antioxidant properties helped reduce oxidative stress in the scalp. Oxidative stress has been linked with hair loss.

Support a healthy scalp

Vitamin E may help support a healthy scalp and hair as it has natural antioxidant effects that could assist with maintaining hair growth.

The vitamin’s antioxidant properties could help reduce the amount of oxidative stress and free radicals that cause the hair follicle cells in a person’s scalp to break down.

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Helps in hair growth

A feature of antioxidants is that it improves blood circulation in the body and the scalp. Thus, enhanced blood circulation conditions the hair strands from root to shaft. 

Moreover, it also repairs dry and damaged hair follicles, promoting the growth of healthy hair.

Soothe dryness

Vitamin E oil is an easy cure for dry and flaky scalps. 

Just as the oil moisturizes the skin, it similarly conditions, hydrates, and rejuvenates the scalp when applied topically.

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Increases hair shine

According to our experts, one of the immediate benefits of Vitamin E oil for hair is the boost of shine it brings to your locks. 

The moisture Vitamin E oil brings to the scalp and hair helps maintain that post-salon shine.


How to apply Vitamin E into your hair

The good news is that Vitamin E is easy to get through a balanced diet. In fact, a Vitamin E deficiency is extremely rare, because most people get plenty throughout the day from whole and enriched foods.

But if you want to specifically target your hair, it can also be applied topically with a shampoo, conditioner, mask, or oil.

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Benefits of Vitamin E for Hair and How to Use It


Steps to use Vitamin E oil:

1Massage it onto your scalp.

2Gently comb through with a wide-tooth comb.

3Let the oil sit for at least 15 minutes.

4When you’re done, wash the oil out of your hair with your regular shampoo.


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