Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends 2021 You'll Want to Try

Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends 2021 You’ll Want to Try

What’s new? What stays? A new season full of brilliant companions and shimmering surprises lies ahead of us. It’s high time to take a close look at the summer jewelry trends 2021.

Next-level hoops

Hoops are a staple in most jewelry collections and have continued to trend over the last several seasons. 

hoops jewelry trends 2021

For 2021, designers have reimagined the popular earring with fresh-season features like knife-edge detailing, elongated shapes, and sculptural metal.

Classic chunky styles will continue to be key, both in yellow gold, and silver.



Spiral-shaped jewelry items will become one of the trends of summer 2021. 

Twisted jewelry trend

These sophisticated creations nonchalantly entwine the finger or the wrist – or are simply intertwined within themselves.


Charms jewelry trend

For the summer, try pairing your charm necklace with other colorful pieces.

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pandora jewelry


Beach beads

Whether worn alone or layered, these colorful beads are the perfect addition to your beach look. 

Here’s to the hope of vacationing in 2021.

Beach beads jewelry trends 2021



Once the preferred jewelry of upper-class snobs and probably your grandmother. Perhaps not something that sparks the idea of instant coolness in your mind. 

But some stylists pushed pearls on fashion- and pop icons. And people noticed. It was almost shocking. 

Harry Style with pearls


Small pouch necklace

Designed for the confident, imaginative woman, the bag-as-necklace accessory is as functional as it is fashionable. 

Its tiny size makes it easy to wear in a myriad of creative ways, including as a necklace.

Small pouch necklace


Big earrings, huge

Perhaps it’s a response to life on Zoom, but designers delved deep into the world of statement earrings for summer 2021. 

Many of the biggest earrings are in the coming months.

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