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Makeup Brushes Names & Uses (Ultimate Guide)

Let me ask you this, how many makeup brushes do you have? Makeup brushes are crazy important if you want a flawless, airbrushed look. Not only do they make the process quick and easy, but they help your makeup go on smoothly and evenly, so you get the best finish.

Yup, a good set of brushes makes the process that much easier. So, do you know which makeup brush to use and when?

In this article, let’s learn all about makeup brushes together with YuFace.


Foundation brush

Used to apply your liquid or cream foundation and gives your foundation a flawless finish.

For a base foundation brush, you should choose a brush that has an even round tip, thick bristles, and forms an arch. Tight hair texture, soft bristles to be able to easily apply foundations to the skin.ย 

The foundation brush helps you apply the cream evenly, smoother, making your foundation look softer and smoother.

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Powder brush

The large powder makeup brush is used to dust some loose compact powder after your foundation. They are a powerful assistant to help you complete your face makeup.ย 

The powder brush has a round tip, is thick and soft, and helps the chalk to gently, thinly but evenly, on the face.ย 

There are a few small notes when using a powder brush, that is, you should not put all the powder on your face. Instead, focusing on face areas that have the most oil production is a better suggestion.

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Blush brush

For the application of blush to get that fresh-faced, youthful rosiness.

To control the powder on the cheeks well to avoid being too dark or uneven, you need to choose a cheek brush with a soft and round blend, thin hairs and help the chalk not stick too much on the brush.

To avoid the doll look, diffuse blush outward while applying to the apples of your cheeks. Start with light pressure and test out the pigmentation on your wrist or the back of your hand.

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Contour brush

Use it to apply your powder or cream bronzer. Choose a brush with soft bristles that can spread the powder evenly, creating angular lines on your face when using cream contouring.ย 

And use a thin, flat-top brush when using powder contouring for the face with thin, light lines of powder.

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Eyeshadow brush

This brush is often used to spread powder when applying makeup to the eye area. The brush’s feature is small and slightly more pointed at the tip.

The texture of the brush is braided quite tightly, but soft so as not to hurt the eye area.ย 

This type of makeup brush has the advantage of being compact, slender, making it much easier to spread the powder as well as create depth for the eyes.

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Eyeliner brush

This makeup brush is perfect to use when applying liquid eyeliner. It has a very fine tip, for precision and controlling the thickness of the liner.

Some eyeliner brushes come with a tipped angle.ย 

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Eyeliner brush

Lip brush

You can apply the lipstick directly to the lips. However, to make lips sharp and seductive as well as easily adjust the color of the lips beautifully, evenly and without smudging, choose for yourself a brush with a round, small and flat.

Lip brush

Brow brushย 

You use a brow brush to help you draw individual brow hairs usually with a brow cream, gel, or powder.

This makeup brush consists of a brow brush, comb and is used to smooth down your brows and comb them in whatever direction you prefer.ย 

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brow brush


This essential collection of different types of makeup brushes will help you create the makeup looks you want with ease. We hope that through this article you can understand each type of makeup brush and its uses.

Let’s enjoy your makeup with YuFace!

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