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7 Attractive Makeup Trends 2021 for Beauty Lovers

7 Attractive Makeup Trends 2021 for Beauty Lovers

The world of makeup is ever-changing, which is why it’s important to spend some time reflecting on what trends are in, and which ones are out. Here are some of the top must-know makeup trends 2021.

So, get your glow on! To ensure you’re looking and feeling your best this year.

Foolproof fresh skin

The no-makeup-makeup look isn’t going anywhere. Be prepared to see lots of minimal makeup that highlights natural skin this summer.

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Glossy lips

Lip moments are making a comeback in 2021. Go for a shiny, purple-tinted gloss and combine it with fluttery lashes and lots of highlighter for a winning look.

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Graphic and colorful eyeliner

As long as face masks continue to remain incredibly important to wear because of COVID-19, beauty fans will adapt by pulling out all the stops with eye makeup. 



Bold brows

This year, the fuller eyebrow looks are seen more. We heard from a lot of people that quarantine has allowed them to finally grow out their brows. 

Surely, this trend will not stop until the Corona disease ends

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Colored eyeshadow

80s eye makeup looks back with colored eyeshadow and eyeliner. Allow your eyes to become a site of self-expression by choosing shades that are complementary to your eye colors as this will help to make your eyes pop. 

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Beachy glow

No summer is complete without a classic, bronzy beach glow face. This isn’t the season for smokey eyes and all this heavy contour.

The key to the beach glow is a good bronzer which wearing on your cheekbones, neck, and collarbone. 

Colorful mascara

Remember novelty mascaras from the 90s? They’re back as makeup trends 2021.

Colored mascara not only adds a welcome twist to any makeup looks but also enhances your eyes, making them appear brighter and more awake upon application. 




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