best selfie museums in the world

5 Most Beautiful Selfie Museums in The World

If you’re an active user of social media, you’ve likely seen one of these “selfie museums” pop up on your newsfeed. Leveraging the pervasiveness of selfie culture, artists, organizations, and brands are turning to selfie-friendly museum exhibits as a way of increasing foot traffic, engagement, and social media sharing.


What is a selfie museum?

A “selfie museum” or “Instagram museum” is a type of art gallery or installation designed to provide a setting for visitors to pose in photographs to be posted on social media sites such as Instagram. 

Typical features of exhibits in a selfie museum include colorful backdrops, oversize props, and optical illusions such as anamorphosis.

selfie museums

29Rooms, a three-day immersive art installation created by Refinery29 in 2015 in New York City, has been cited as the first example of this type of facility. The Museum of Ice Cream, which opened in 2016, is also credited as a major catalyst of selfie museums. 

Inspired by the immense popularity of selfie-friendly museum exhibits, museum experiences are being reworked to engage younger audiences. By 2019, there were reportedly dozens of selfie museums across the United States.

Famous selfie museums 

Miami selfie museum

Are you looking for some fun things to do? Then you’ll want to stop by the Miami Selfie Museum. 

Here you can take photos to an entirely new level of awesomeness. All you need is your phone and a friend and you can have a day full of fun here.

miami selfie museum

Directions: 179 NW 25th Street Miami, FL 33127, USA

Opening hours:

Mon -Thur: 11am – 8pm

Fri: 11am – 9pm

Sat: 10am – 10pm

Sun: 10am – 8pm

Ticket cost:

Ages 0 – 4: Free

Ages 5 – 12: $22

Adults weekday: $29

Adults weekend: $34

Atlanta selfie museum

To all photo lovers and enthusiasts for pop-up Museums, you don’t want to miss out on the Atlanta Selfie Museum. 

They made this place as Instagram-able as possible, with awesome backdrops, interactive rooms, and art installations that will look great on your feed. 

No more hunting around for the best Instagram walls because all of them under one roof. 

Atlanta selfie museum

Direction: 116 Centennial Olympic Park Dr, Atlanta, GA 30313, USA

Opening hours: 

Mon – Thur: 12pm – 9pm

Fri: 12pm – 10pm

Sat: 10am – 11pm

Sun: 10am – 9pm

Ticket cost: 

Ages 0 – 4: Free

Ages 5 – 12: $22

Adults Mon – Thur: $27

Adults Fri – Sun: $32


teamLab Borderless museum in Japan

teamLab Borderless is a world of artworks without boundaries, a museum without a map created by art collective teamLab.

teamLab Borderless is a group of artworks that form one borderless world. Artworks move out of rooms, communicate with other works, influence, and sometimes intermingle with each other with no boundaries.

Directions: Odaiba Palette Town 2F, 1-3-8 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Opening hours: 

Weekdays: 11am – 17pm

Sun, Sat & Holiday: 10:00 – 18:00

Ticket cost:

Child: $9.15

Adult: $29.28

Statice museum, South Korea

Located five minutes away from Hongdae Station, the Statice Museum is a perfect place for Instagram addicts. 

The gallery museum holds sensuous and interactive exhibitions, providing studio-type displays where visitors can experience a magazine photo-shoot-like backdrop. The museum is friendly and advocates interaction with visitors.

Statice museum, South Korea

Directions: B1, 30, Hongik-ro 5-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

Opening hours:

Everyday 11am – 19pm

Ticket cost

Child: $8

Adult: $11

Denver selfie museum

As the first and only Instagram pop-up museum in Denver, the Denver selfie museum provides the backdrop, and all you have to do is bring your phone for a selfie adventure like you’ve never experienced before. 

If you’re looking for Denver tourist attractions, selfie spots, art galleries, Instagram walls, or other things to do in Downtown Denver, you won’t regret your visit to Denver Selfie Museum.

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Denver selfie museum

Directions: 1531 Stout St Denver, CO 80202, USA

Opening hours

Mon – Thur: 12pm – 8pm

Fri: 12pm–9pm

Sat: 10am – 11pm

Sun: 10am – 9pm

Ticket cost

Ages 0 – 4: Free

Ages 5 – 12: $22

Adults weekday: $27

Adults weekend: $32



Through this article, YuFace showed you a list of the most unique selfie museums in the world

Every museum and every room is a new and exciting work of art, ready for you to snap photos and have the time of your life.

And when you post your selfies on Instagram, all your friends will wonder where you went and how you did it.

Enjoy Yourselfie!

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