10 Bad Skincare Ingredients to Avoid According to Dermatologist

10 Bad Skincare Ingredients to Avoid According to Dermatologist

10 Bad Skincare Ingredients to Avoid According to Dermatologist

Do you know skincare ingredients to avoid?

Our everyday skincare products contain dozens of ingredients. Some of these ingredients are essential and beneficial for our skin’s health, while some can be damaging and should be avoided. 

The list of ingredients on the back of your favorite skincare products is often long and confusing. 

So here are 10 ingredients to look out for and why you might want to avoid them. 




Parabens are preservatives found in everything from soap to lotion to makeup. If it has water in it, it probably has a paraben to keep it from growing bacteria. 

Parabens are known endocrine disruptors, meaning they mimic estrogen in the body and can lead to hormonal imbalances, and possibly even breast cancer. 

ingredients in skin care to avoid



Toxic metal can have estrogen-like effects in our systems, disrupting the healthy functioning of the endocrine system.

Usually found in almost every personal care product, especially antiperspirant deodorants


BPA Bisphenol-A (BPA) is found in the lining of aluminum cans, plastic bottles, toys, and pretty much anything that is hard plastic. 

What you may not know is that there are other types of phthalates and they’re not listed on any labels.

Phthalates often creep into the formulas of many skincare products, particularly perfumed skincare products and deodorants.

This chemical is used to retain a perfumed scent but is widely linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues.

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Essential oils

Some constituents of certain essential oils, like those in bergamot, are transformed into chemicals and enzymes when exposed to sunlight, which can induce a photo-allergic response.

Mint, citrus, and lavender oils should be used carefully or avoided completely, all of them can cause irritation and negative reactions to the skin.

Tea tree oil can be safe for skin in diluted doses, but many acne products contain amounts of tea tree oil that can lead to dryness and irritation. 


Both natural and artificial fragrances can irritate your skin. In fact, according to the Academy of Dermatology Association, fragrances are one of the leading causes of contact dermatitis, a skin condition in which your skin becomes red and inflamed after coming in contact with an irritant.

So it’s best to choose products with no scent if you have sensitive skin. 

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Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Check your cleansing products, such as face washes, shampoos, and soaps, for harsh sulfates. They’re especially common in shampoos and cleansing products.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) is very irritating and has been linked to disrupting the endocrine system. Similarly, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) can also cause irritation and allergic reactions.


It is a preservative found most often in water-based products like shampoos and cleansers. 

Even though it’s used in small concentrations, it’s still a strong allergen and can cause burning, itching, or even hives. 

Those with sensitive skin should avoid this ingredient altogether.

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Carbon Black 

Carbon black is a black pigment powder most commonly found in eyeliner, mascara, eyelash glue, etc.

Though some argue that in small doses (concentration of less than 10%) carbon black may not be a serious health concern.

But, more studies are finding that carbon black may in fact be linked to increased cases of cancer, neurodevelopmental effects in offspring, harm lung function in healthy humans, and impacted hormone production in vitro. 

Siloxanes – one of skincare ingredients to avoid

Also known as cyclical silicones, these compounds are found in a variety of cosmetic and skincare products. 

But they’re not great for the environment and have been linked with endocrine disruption as well.


Toluene is a chemical commonly found in nail polish and hair dyes. 

It is a volatile petrochemical solvent that can be toxic to the immune system and can cause birth defects. 

If you’re pregnant, be especially careful and avoid nail polish containing toluene entirely.

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