Worst Oscar Dresses Ever on Red Carpet

Worst Oscar Dresses Ever on Red Carpet

Worst Oscar Dresses Ever on Red Carpet

Here, we take a look back at some of the worst Oscar dresses of all time.

The Oscars are arguably the biggest night of the year for many actors and actresses. Not only do they experience the excitement that comes with a nomination (or even just by simply being in attendance), but it can also be a major fashion moment for them. 

While some choose to shine, others fail miserably and attract our attention for all of the wrong reasons. 


Lady Gaga (2015)

The highlight of the 2015 red carpet was definitely Lady Gaga’s red gloves, which spawned plenty of memes. My favorite? The Lady Gaga “cleaning starter pack.”

worst oscar dresses


Kristen Wiig (2020)

Kristen Wiig is a funny lady – but her dress shouldn’t be the punchline. The gloves give the look a true-crime feel and the shoes are confusing. It’s an uncomfortable-looking outfit, let’s be honest.

 worst oscar dresses of all time


Gwyneth Paltrow ( 2002)

Gwyneth Paltrow showed up to the Academy Awards in 2002 looking like she did her shopping at Hot Topic. 

Gwyneth Paltrow Oscar ( 2002)


Bjork (2001)

It’s the dress that launched a thousand memes, marks the 20th anniversary of Bjork hitting just about every worst-dressed list in 2001 when she showed up at the Oscars in the infamous swan dress.


Angelina Jolie (2000)

Vampires weren’t as popular back in 2000, but Jolie could have fit right in with them with this long black dress and almost equally long black hair. 

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St. Vincent (2018) 

St. Vincent took a risk in this Saint Laurent look. 

It’s hard to hate anything from the iconic fashion house, but this runway ensemble didn’t work IRL.


Demi Moore (1989) 

Demi Moore decided to try her hand at fashion design for the Oscars in 1989. 

The bizarre ensemble contained a floral bustle, lace-trimmed biker shorts, and a very low neckline.


Whoopi Goldberg (1993)

The Sister Act actress went neon when she hosted the 1993 Oscars. While the coat may have been a deep purple from the outside, Whoopi Goldberg didn’t miss the chance to open up the jacket and reveal not only a neon green lining but also outrageously patterned pants


Edy Williams (1974)

So many questions: Is that a leopard-print bikini? What’s with the fur coat? And can someone please explain the dog?

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Cher (1986)

Two questions: how is that skirt staying on and is that headpiece heavy? 

Cher wore this dominatrix-meets-fortune teller outfit to the 1986 Academy Awards and it was just as memorable as you’d expect.

worst oscar dresses ever


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